Friday, September 18, 2009

Tag You're It!

Tag You're It!

I've officially been TAGGED. This is a great way to get to know some incredible artists, please take a moment to get to know them. Thank you to Jewelled Trellis for tagging me!!

Well, now I have to think of 10 interesting things to tell you about myself!

1. I am the second daughter in a family of five girls. I know, I know ... everyone always says "your poor dad". There has never been much competition between us ... however if they are reading this ... I have always been the favorite! :)

2. I grew up on farms which probably explains why I am so drawn to nature and animals. There is such beauty all around us from the simplest leaf to the detailed expression of grief on a persons face. Both can make you feel such incredible emotions and memories deep within your soul.

3. "My name is Sherri and I am an addict" ... I am addicted to two things ... one is Diet Coke which is not really an addiction ... I mean seriously I can give it up anytime I want to *I type with one hand as the other is holding a Diet Coke* I am not making fun of addiction I seriously have tried to give it up and on a small degree can understand and definitely empathize with those dealing with addiction.

4. The other thing I am addicted to is crafting ... I also have an undiagnosed medical condition soemthing like ADD which means I am always trying new crafts. I love them all! I live to create, definitely not the other way around.

5. I love watching action movies-anything with martial arts especially.

6. My favorite music would be anything that is on the top hit list. I especially love Janet Jackson (**blushing** I have small crush on her), Justin Timberlake (again with the blushing), Usher, Black Eyed Peas and others. However I also enjoy Blues, occasionally Jazz and Country music, some classical ...

7. I am a mother to two amazing kids, which is a miracle unto itself since I never wanted kids. Just shows you what an amazing man can do for you! I have never looked back and love every minute of it!

8. I am extremely interested in asian culture, religion and arts and although my etsy shop does not reflect this love, my home does. I have Dalai Lama books littered every where, my (our) bedroom is done with an asian theme and my garden in spotted with asian statues.

9. I love to garden and often it is a toss up on which I love more; crafting or gardening.

10. I spend quite a bit of time dreaming of DIY projects I would love to tackle ... I often never find the time. But it is fun to dream about what could be!

Phew ... that's it, now I get to TAG Ten Blogs! Please take some time-select 10 other Blogs whom you choose to promote...AND PLEASE...tell us a little about yourself!!!THANKS for your participation!HERE'S MY LIST:












Studio618 said...

Sheri, thanks so much for thinking of me. I am honored to "appear" on your beautiful blog. Cheers!

Studio618 said...

Haha, Sheri. I'm also a Diet Coke addict and had tried to quit many times unsuccessfully. But hey, you gotta have some vices. I'm a martial arts fanatic too. See my son in action here - There are more of him in my YouTube account. Hope you enjoy them.


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